Friday, May 3, 2013

Geometry, Compound Words and V.I.P. Marcus!

Another beautiful day tops off a stellar week of warm sunny spring weather, and our geometry unit! We started the first of our 2 week unit on geometry and learned all about shapes, 2D and 3D and their attributes! We were introduced to many new important words like quadrilateral, angle, vertices, cube and face... just to name a few! We will continue our geometry unit next week as well, while maintaining skills practice in computation, and skip counting! Lots of meetings took place this week too! Many morning meetings as well as math meetings with Bianca, this week's math meeting helper! She lead us in calendar jobs, money counting,and weather graphing! Well done Bianca, and all our meeting helpers this week! Marcus was our V.I.P. this week and we learned all about his travels and family in Sweden and trips to Mexico! Swimming in a lagoon full of fish sure sounds adventurous! Well done Marcus! 2W also learned more about compound words this week in word study. In writing workshop we finally finished our unit on All About Books... nonfiction writing, and will be ready to share soon! What a variety of topics we have too... very interesting! We were also surprised by a little visit by Miss Nelms! Just in time to read another chapter in read aloud! Thanks Miss Nelms! Wonderful week in 2W friends! Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

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