Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Poetry and Calendars!!

What a great Tuesday! Warm, sunny and full of learning in 2W! We started with work board and a reading celebration showcasing nonfiction writing with David and Georgia and their research on bees! Well done! It's May, and calendar math was today's work in math! Making May calendars, marking important dates, and using our calendars to solve problems kept us very busy! Brainpop Jr. helped us review important reasons why learning about calendars is important work! Everyone answered questions in both the easy and the hard quiz! Well done everyone!! It's April... Poetry month! And today, we introduced poetry in writing workshop. We read a beautiful Leo Lionni story called Fredrick, and dabbled in some poetry of our own! Everyone loved being a poet today... breaking rules of conventional writing... and most important, writing from the heart! More writing and experimenting with different kinds of poetry! Can't wait! We also had some important meetings today with our meeting helpers, David and Justin! Great morning meetind David! The clothespin game went exactly as planned... very challenging! And yet another great math meeting Justin! Today's date in money was truly inspiring! Well done!

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