Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2W Gets Ready For Summer!

Greetings Friends! On this, our last full day together, we decided to try out the new camera for one last "blog hoorah"!! This has been one wonderful ride together this year, and I have completely enjoyed every minute of your students!! We had one relaxing day together to reflect on all our learning, while having a little fun along the way too! We enjoyed our last day of "work board" together and especially liked working with learning buddies today! Working with buddies reminded us of all the friendships we've formed this year. Especially how important it is to work together and cooperate with each other!! At morning meeting it was especially poignant as each friend greeted the other with the "Did you know..." greeting. After some thoughtful reflection, students greeted each other warmly, while expressing a kind word, compliment, or observation we've discovered about our learning! It went a little like this... Did you know you're one of my best, best, best friends? Or... Did you know you are really good at math and I'll really miss you when you leave? Or... you are a very fun friend to work with... Very touching! Every chance this group gets... together.... they RISE TO THE OCCASION!! Every time! (Be still my heart... how can I give these amazing students away???) After some fun in math and brainpop jr. Everyone was reminded that they can use brainpop all summer! If you want to keep sharp, and start 3rd grade with confidence and "swagger", make brainpop a little part of your summer and remember all those important concepts and math language we learned this year!! Next we had a friendly word building contest! How many new words can you make from the letters in the words... Moving letters around we made as many real words as we could think of with our partners! What team work, and lots of fun! Partner work is so good for students in so many ways! Talking about your learning and thinking as you accomplish a task together really works many parts of your brain! Just the way we like it! Partnerships also mean we work together, listening, contributing, and turn taking! Well done friends! We have grown and matured as a group and as individuals as well! I'm enormously proud of each and every one of you. Individually and as a group! We've accomplished a lot, and I hope you never look at a button without feeling some pride in your work this year in second grade!

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