Sunday, April 7, 2013

V.I.P... Bianca's in the Spotlight!

Today was Friday, and that means it's V.I.P. day! Bianca shares her stories... but, more on that later. The day started with reading groups and work board! Ethan shared his learning in his "fact book" about skunks! Each page had one carefully selected fact he learned from his reading! Well done Ethan! Georgia lead morning meeting with Apples and Bananas, and our new favorite greeting, "team work koosh toss"! Nice job Georgia! Ms. Nelms shared a very important letter that went home on Friday sharing details about her 2 week master teaching. Next week, Ms. Nelms is officially in charge! She has planned some amazing learning opportunities with some new units that everyone will love! She will take charge of the classroom all next week, and the week following April vacation. It was another half day, so we celebrated V.I.P. this morning with Bianca!! She shared ribbons the earned with her riding skills at the Tri-County Fair... As well as some detailed illustrations she made. Making it CLEAR, it is not a picture of her, because she IS NOT afraid of the forest! We also got a glimpse of family pictures, horses she's ridden, her pooch, and favorite books she's read! You could have heard a "pin drop" as Bianca shared her V.I.P. survey... and how she looks up to her grandmother because she sings so beautifully! Well done Bianca! Very well done!!!!

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