Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Base 10 System... Served Up 2nd Grade Style!

Another busy morning on work board... along with some delightful non fiction writers sharing their work from their reading groups! After reading some non fiction in reading groups, Bianca shared her learning in the form of a poster! Behold... Frogs! Their habitat, their habits, and what could endanger their environment! And she wasn't done there... NOT BY A LONG SHOT!! Bianca carried her learning from writing workshop into her reading group, and wrote her very first "All About Penguins" book! OUTSTANDING Bianca! Thanks to you, we learned a lot about frogs and penguins! And that wasn't all... Kirsten shared her research as well! One very colorful poster full of facts, detailed illustrations and evidence from the text to support her learning! Well done ladies! In math, we stretched our learning from yesterdays game, and practiced counting hundreds... all the way up to one thousand! And... BEHOLD... the base ten system! Right there, all orangey and ready for it's close up! Students compared tens to hundreds, and hundreds to thousands using our base 10 blocks! Thank you, base 10 blocks! Students worked within hundreds and kept track of "100 more" and "100 less". Next we had to think about what happens when you count to one thousand by hundreds, and show your thinking! Skip counting might be the easy part, but showing your thinking is also very important! And not as easy as it sounds. Including important vocabulary and using those words properly takes a lot of thinking! And that's what 2W is all about! We ended the day in library, followed by Bianca's morning meeting! Greeting friends WHILE Irish step dancing??? Who knew it could be so fun! Well done Bianca... you are one fabulous Irish step dancer (and I can't wait for you to teach me some of those sweet moves)!!! Half day, today. Tomorrow too. See you all at conferences tomorrow!

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