Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Non Fiction Writing... Skunks!

Beautiful, windy, busy day in 2W! After catching u on work board and meeting in reading groups, Georgia and David shared some of their research from their work in reading group. I think we all know a little more about skunks now... and we have Georgia and David to thank! Did he say skunks... dance??? Who knew?? Very cool! (Can I get a cha-cha-cha?) In math we played a game that felt a lot like Mountain Math! Only this time, we were working with three digit numbers up to 1,000!!! Holy Moly! Students worked in teams, asking and answering questions using hundreds as their base line! Well done, and NOT as easy as it sounds!! Students had to think critically while forming new numbers in their head! Otherwise known as "thinking"!! And we loved it! After that work out, David got ready to host his morning meeting! Great job leading the group, David! I don't think "knick nack paddy whacking" has ever sounded SO GOOD!! Outstanding job second graders! David also collected data on his line plot graph, as we wondered who would be attending tonight's BBQ benefit for SES at Bub's BBQ? Nice neat graphing David! Abby's new greeting invention known as "team koosh toss" has proven to be extremely popular! Catching and throwing at the same time! Lot's to think about, and one great way to greet a friend! In the afternoon we read more about the BFG and Sophie's adventures as they try and outsmart all the other Giants! In writing workshop, Trey shared his All About Roald Dahl book and how he worked through his editing check list! Now that's how you revise your writing Trey! Well done! Tomorrow is conferences and a half day at school. Students will be dismissed at noon (no lunch)! See you soon!

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