Monday, April 1, 2013

Friday's V.I.P! Kirsten! It was another busy week in 2W and today's V.I.P. was Kirsten! We learned a little bit more about this very special girl, her family, her interests, and what she does in her spare time! Well done Kirsten! Very nice presentation! So, it was Friday, and a busy day for literacy jobs! As always, we started with quiet reading... and it sure was QUIET, and everyone was reading! Just the way we like it! Reading groups worked on non fiction writing as it relates to their reading.... and... Aine admitted... that she LOVED the book recommendation from Ms. Nelms (Van Gogh Cafe) but sad that it's over! EXACTLY what it feels like when a good reader finishes a favorite book! Well done Aine! In math we stretched what we learned about addition and subtraction, and applied our skills to problem solving! Well done 2W! Practice and problem solving will make us better thinkers in math! Great morning meeting Niko! One of our favorite times of the day! And... Thank you Mrs. Cialek, for a very lovely snacky surprise! Very tasty and sweet! A nice treat for fun Friday!

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