Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meetings with Brady and James and Contraction Review!

Cafe Sunset was so AWESOME... and it's so LATE... but, here goes... We had some great meetings with our friends James (math meeting, well done) and Brady (morning meeting, and equally well done)!! We reviewed contractions in word study, and CRUSHED the work board yet again... 2 days in a row! WOW! Way to finish STRONG 2W!! We finished our "Me On The Map" books and reviewed place value in math. And.. can we just take a moment to appreciate the "great work" spot please... This is a very special spot, reserved for only the greatest work. Looks like we CRUSHED it in math today, too! Holy moly! Way to go second graders! PE was in the classroom today, playing the clay-game with Ms. Gebo! By the looks of Danny's clay saxophone... well done friends! Fun! Button Party tomorrow! Be ready!! You've earned it!

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