Monday, June 11, 2012

Mapping, Google Earth, and Money for Malawi!!

Howdy Friends! I've taken a little break from the blog with all my son's senior graduation activities lately... But, I'M BACK!!! What a great day we had today! Karen from Educate Malawi came with more letters from our Malawi pen pals! What a treat! She was truly grateful for the contribution we were able to make with our "Kisses for Malawi" project, and shared how well the school project is going! We were able to meet two former Malawi students who are now going onto college to learn to be teachers themselves! Outstanding work Karen, and we're so lucky to be a part of it! Second graders building global connections and fostering a sense of empathy and gratitude! All while contributing to a worthy cause! Outstanding!! In math and word study it was all about review of what we learned earlier this year! We practiced sorting and building words using the digraph rule in word study! In math we used the interactive smart board to stretch what we've learned about patterns on the 100's chart, while paying close attention to "10 more" and "10 less" and "before and after". Mrs. Wickline especially noticed how much MORE we learned and how much BETTER we were at spotting patterns and filling in our chart pieces! Tricky! We also talked a bit about our BUTTON PARTY scheduled for this Thursday! What's a button party you ask??? It's the celebration of all the buttons carefully, kindly, lovingly earned in our button jar! How did we earn so many buttons???? EASY... acts of kindness, taking risks, helping a friend, taking care of our friends, our classroom, and our community!! Tomorrow we vote on how to celebrate and how to build our Button Party schedule for Thursday! We'll keep you posted! We wrote to our last prompt in writing workshop today... reflect on this year and all we've learned. After talking about all the activities we've participated in... meetings, the feast, art's night, V.I.P.'s, Spooky Story Author's share, Willy Wonka Day, and Kisses for Malawi, just to name a few. After careful thought (and pre-writing with organizers) we jotted down our thoughts and reflections! Well done students! Remember, your homework this week is to bring book bags back to school, and make sure any books you've borrowed are returned! This is one very important homework assignment! Thanks everyone! Tomorrow, PE, sneakers please!!

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