Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dictionaries, Work Board, and 100's Chart-Mystery Numbers!

We CRUSHED the work board today friends! Way to get right to work! After reviewing how to use dictionaries, we looked up words, wrote definitions and sentences, and showed how valuable a dictionary truly is!! We got loads of literacy jobs completed and enjoyed our last full Tuesday together as second graders! This afternoon we played Mystery numbers using the 100's chart, and even harder, using only pieces of the 100's chart, as promised! Well done friends! It's Tuesday, so that meant extra skills practice in math in the computer room reviewing our skills with money, problem solving, place value, and number sense! Remember, the blog, and especially those math sites are EXCELLENT summer practice to build confident ready third graders! It only takes 10-15 minutes a day... and VIOLA... you'll have a third grader ready to tackle school in September! Tomorrow is Cafe Sun at 6:30, and we have some awesome second grade guitar players ready to take the stage! Don't miss it everyone! See you there!

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