Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's Meetings!!

Greetings Friends! Not only has Ms. W's camera lost it's mojo, now... it's just plain ol' LOST!! Yikes! We had a busy productive day with or without film!! We started word study with our new spelling rule: homophones! Words that sound the same, but look different and have different meanings! Vocabulary and meaning will have a HEAVY HAND in our spelling work this week! We worked on weekend stories, and many friends had some great Easter moments to share in their writing! Nice job writers! Alena shared her writing in our author's share, especially her use of the word wall (for spelling) and rereading skills! You can really tell when a second grade writer is reading their story carefully when they make revisions and correct as they go! Awesome Alena!! We caught up in work board and literacy activities while Ms. W and Ms. C met with readers in groups. In math, we reviewed and practiced triple digit addition, paying close attention to our number writing with 4 digit numbers! Writing numbers to the thousands place requires one carefully placed comma! Wow! Even numbers have punctuation!! Cool! Well done friends!
Our parting shot goes out to Mrs. Cialek today! Our truly wonderful, amazing, supremely caring and illustrious teaching assistant will be out for a couple of weeks. She'll be back soon with a new knee as well as a spring in her step to match that huge (fully functioning) heart and never-ending smile she brings to our class every day! We'll be thinking about her, missing her, and doing great work in her absence. Take care Mrs. Cialek, and take care of that knee! We'll see you soon!

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