Friday, April 27, 2012

Malawi Project Launch!! Here We Go!

What a week! We've accomplished a lot! Getting our Malawi service project started, learning a new spelling rule, and learning double digit subtraction with borrowing/regrouping, just to name a few! Wow! The new work board has been well received, and friends have worked very hard independently, and cooperatively! We've had some wonderful sharing with beautiful Russian dolls and intricate complex lego creations. Owen has lead many wonderful math meetings this week, focusing on calendar questions, money, weather graphing, and "today's magic number"! Well done Owen! Matilda, by Roald Dahl, has provided many captivating read-aloud moments for us all! Who knew a little girl could be so brilliant? Especially with such boorish, mean spirited parents!!! Listening to how Matilda exerts her power and revenge on her parents has provided a lot of comedic fodder and entertainment during read loud. For sure! Learning double digit subtraction with regrouping/borrowing is one of the most abstract and tricky skills we learn in second grade! Following the rules, paying attention to place value, and understanding that "borrowing 10" simply redistributes the number is tricky! I must say, however, we have impressed Mrs. Williams (our substitute teacher- former fourth grade teacher) with our skills! Let's see what happens on Monday! Well done friends! More work on the play and practicing our parts, as well as writing jobs (posters, invitations, and press releases) along with public speaking on behalf of getting the word our about our service project. Are you excited? You should be! Here we go! Have a great weekend! Rest, play, read, and come back Monday ready for learning friends!

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