Friday, April 6, 2012

Howdy Friends! Forgive my lack of entries this week, seems my profoundly impaired digital camera has completely lost it's mojo! Working on it, though... so keep tuning in!! In the mean time, we've had a full busy week, half days and all! Without afternoons filled with math thinking and problem solving, we've instilled one of our favorite second grade traditions... POWER MATH!! A short pop of math review and skills practice! This week our focus was on time, money and fractions! Writers have been working on personal narratives this week with weekend stories (complete with think sheets, helping organize our ideas). Sharing friends have impressed as well this week, with their great choices (special books, incredible rubber band balls, porcelain kitties, and more)! Art's Night will be here before you know it... Thursday night to be exact! 5:30 will begin the art viewing, and 6:30 is show time! A soul inspired, slightly Motown feel is inevitable once you hear our young singers (backed up by the SES LIVE house band! One of my favorite nights, bar NONE! If you love adorable children, live music, and the innocence of children's singing mixed with the swagger of some seriously rockin' tunes, then this night is FOR YOU! Bring tissues, it will be a packed house, that's for sure! Can't wait! Thanks to all who have come in for conferences this week! I've loved having the opportunity to share your student's progress with each and every one of you! What a truly special, enthusiastic, caring, thoughtful, hard working group we have! Keep up the good work second grade!

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