Tuesday, April 24, 2012


OK... So it's not exactly "rocket science", or NASA, our little blog... but it's nice to be back! Special shout out to Ms. Nowak for finding the digital camera... and thus allowing us the spotlight on second grade musings, learning, and unexpected surprises! Getting back into the swing of "school" after spring vacation went very well! Students arrived ready and full of effort and energy! Our new spelling rule, contractions, is helping us learn how to shrink 2 words into one with an apostrophe! Using correct spelling really counts with contractions, and we're working hard to learn as many contraction patterns as we can! In writing, we've begun our Malawi service project, and are on the cusp of deciding what our project will be, and how to proceed (what will we need, how will we get the word out, what's the value of what we're offering...) So many questions and lots to think about! And... we LOVE it! So many great ideas to choose from! In the end, everybody wins when we're able to help our pen pals in Malawi Africa! So proud of this class and these students! Their hearts are so pure and full of love, and ready to use all their skills for this project! Impressive! Sharing continues and we've gotten to learn even more about our second grade friends (super cool 4-leaf clover, awesome lego sculpture... WOW!!). I'll be out tomorrow, but our "FAV" Ms. McGinn will be in. Have a great day friends!


  1. Glad to have the update back. Missed hearing and seeing second grade news!