Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a day!!

Tuesday Greetings!
What a day! We started with an awesome meeting with our own Alina leading the way! Well done Alina. Chelsea...ready for Thursday?? You're on, my friend! What will we sing and play?
After (probably the best ever) word study time: mixin' and fixin' (yeah, I'm talkin' 3 or more buttons went in that jar during word study....all business...seriously!!) we got ready for our walking field trip. After reviewing safety and a little chat about veterans (who, what, hmmm...) we were off on our walk to Town Hall.
We were greeted by some of Westover's finest, polished, serving members of our military. Personal stories were shared by SES alumni presently serving, thanking our students for their appreciation of this day. Mr. Hines lead students in songs of appreciation for our great country (This Land Is Your Land, America the Beautiful), and our students, your students were very impressive! Mr. Merritt shared his personal experience missing an absent military father as a second grader, and there were a lot of tissues and tears.
Overall, this day, this tribute was extremely (developmentally) appropriate, and everyone felt a sense of pride and unity that was unexpected! Well done Sunderland!
I will post the pictures tomorrow, so stay tuned!
I'm very proud of our second grade students! What a great day! Enjoy tomorrow, sleep, stay healthy, and see y'all Thursday! More tomorrow!
PS: Mathathon permission DUE THURSDAY. Please bring in, and thanks to those already participating!
PPS: We miss you Ms. Cialek! Take time to recover, and look forward to your return! Many thanks to Kristin Morse (supremely awesome substitute teacher) for all your support both last week and this week!

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  1. Any coments friends? Great pictures! What a great morning we had! Nice!