Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hola Amigos!

Eaglebrook Band! Wow! What a treat to hear the variety of tunes, and see how enthusiastic the band members were to show off their skills! We really enjoyed seeing each of the instruments and hearing their unique sounds...both with the whole band, and on their own! I hope we've planted many seeds of musical interest with their wonderful performance! The audience participation by our own SES students (lead by the one and only Timmy Barrington) was equally awesome! What a treat!
Tomorrow!! Friday!! New work board!! New center jobs!! Yippee skippee!! Need I say more? Our meeting helper was Kai today, and what a rousing rendition of "Oh Kai!" we sang... to the tune (Oh Susanna). Well done Kai! The illustration of Mrs. Cialek eating her chicken and reading her cards (by 2W writers) was an especially nice touch to the message!
Owen has been helping with our math helper jobs this week. Thanks Owen! In fairness to Annika, we will grant her another week at this special job, since she was "on the mend" this week, and look forward to her return to school!
Thanks to all the parents who have had conferences! What a nice opportunity it's been to get to know you all! Sleep well and see you bright and early in the morning!

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