Monday, November 2, 2009

Hellooooooooo Second Graders!!

I hope you are enjoying this new exciting way to communicate! Remember, you can just log on and read/play for fun. Or, you can comment back by asking a grown up in your house to become a follower. Either way, I hope you enjoy the site!
I was thinking about what to say tonight...and I wanted everyone to know how impressed I am with all the ways we/you work together! We enjoyed our extra recess today because we learned how to... be ready on quietly at work times....and really cooperate! That's what good friends do, and that's what learners do to learn better! We already have one tally mark on the board for tomorrow (only 4 more)! Let's see how quickly we can earn 5!!
So...tomorrow...Gabe is our meeting helper! I wonder what song he will choose for our meeting? Hmmmm....
I hope Annika is feeling better, as she is our math helper! Owen did a great job today helping Annika by substituting for her! Well done ready, we may need you tomorrow (of course you'll be ready... you're always ready!!).
Get a good sleep, everyone, and see you bright and early tomorrow morning! Looking forward to a special presentation with Ms. Weinberger about our St. Jude's Mathathon!

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  1. i will never bring candy to school.