Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hola Amigos!
It's been a while! Things are chuggin' along though! We are currently planning our celebration and recognition of the first Thanksgiving feast between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans! We'll plan our gathering tomorrow morning, and send a list of details home with your students. This is usually a low-key, school event where students actively prepare some seasonal (harvest/local) type foods for each other and invited guests (Mr. Merritt, Ms. Palmer, Ms. name a few). This is one of my favorite historical events to teach, as it recognizes the peaceful co-existence that began between New Plymouth settlers and their new friends, the Indians, and how grateful we should be for our blessings! Health, education, food and shelter, good friends to name a few!
We will take lots of pictures and post the event for your viewing pleasure! Next week will be a short week, and I hope your students are "thankful" that Ms. Worthley will not be assigning homework....but, every night!! 15 minutes (or more) is all I ask!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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