Sunday, February 2, 2014

Busy Week!! Take a Peek!!

We've been so busy in 2W learning all about money, and we've just started our new math unit on telling time! We will learn about parts of the clock and how they work, and how to read a clock! We've started with some background knowledge (time to the hour, minute hand, hour hand) and will build on this as the unit progresses! Ms. Carey will begin taking on more large group, direct teaching duties in her second semester, and she started today with a great lesson on telling time on an analog clock. We reviewed parts of the clock, and learned how minutes on the clock are like counting by 5's!! Then we practiced in small groups! In reading we are stretching our learning about nonfiction text and text features, and have learned how to go back into the book and "prove" our thinking! Well done! It was Tenzin's V.I.P. and we sure learned more about this very special student! Friday ended with another second grade sing, and today, we paid tribute to singer songwriter Pete Seeger with many of his incredible songs about freedom and justice! Great Friday friends!! Rest up this weekend and we'll have another great week of learning coming up!

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