Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Field Day... Last Day... What a Day!

What a day! Filled with mixed emotions, outdoor festivities, indoor clean-up and thoughtful reflection... Let's start with field day and "tail tag"! Students tucked in their penneys, and prepared to try and steal penneys from other friends in one raucous game of tag! Clearly warp speed and cat-like reflexes are skills needed in this fast paced game of tag! As you can see, we live in the most beautiful land in the country with all those green hills, blue skies, and adorable second graders! Next up! Noodle hockey! All our activities were chosen and lead by our 6th grade class, and what a stunning example of leadership and supervision they provided! As you may have noticed, we're a bit competitive, and we like a challenge, so we play hard... but fair! Always fair! Next up... sponge tag! Imagine tag... but with one big soaking wet sponge doing the tagging!! Another great game lead by Elizabeth, one of our 6th grade graduates! Next game... "drip, drip drop"!!! Imagine duck duck, goose, with a cup of water over your head! All the same rules apply, and this was one fun game of chase! With the added pleasure of dumping a cup of water over a friend's head! Super fun! As you can see, this was one fun filled day full of outdoor activity, healthy exercise, and the perfect way to enjoy friendship as we prepare for summer vacation! After Field day activities had settled down, and our room was cleaned and packed up, it was time to savor our last moments together! With our dear friend, Katie, returning to Korea, students took a moment to honor their friendship with this very special girl, and acknowledged her value and importance to our group! SHE WILL BE MISSED! Next, and in our last moments together, students passed the "talking stick" as they shared some thoughtful reflection, warm memories, silly moments, treasured friendships, all full of tender emotion! Oh my! When you have 17 second graders sharing their thoughts and memories... and about 10 of them are moved to tears at the idea of losing a friend, changes in routines, and the closure of something very special... then you know it was a good year to be in second grade! No joke, I've never seen so many students shed a tear over our last day together. Now THAT is something special.... extraordinarily special!! And the buses came... as they always do... to take them away. But this day was harder, different, goodbyes didn't come easy today. And they're off... I wish you all a very relaxing summer full of play and challenge! Learn something new, make new friends, and never forget the door is ALWAYS OPEN next year if you want to pop in to 2W!!

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