Sunday, August 25, 2013

Counting the Days...

Greetings Friends! Hope you're ready for a great year in second grade because we're getting everything ready!! Morning meetings are a great way to start each day... greetings, songs and finding out about what lies ahead each day! The walls will be noticeably free from paper (fire codes), so we've developed lots of desk-top helpers instead!! We have math helpers, and writing helpers, and all kinds of learning tools you can keep right in your own desk! Cool!! Nothing better than snuggling up with a cozy book for some quiet reading, and we have lots to choose from in 2W! What are some of your favorite books? What do you like to read? Anything you are excited to learn about this year? Not only is there a lot to read, but all kinds of fun ways to buddy read... like with these! Buddy reading whisper phones... sooooooo cool!! Keeping things organized is super important in our classroom, that way you can always find what you need! Brand new journals for math, writing, and handwriting! It's important to get all your notes from home to Ms. Worthley...just pop them into the basket! Anything that's important (dismissal routine, lunch money, book orders, or just a note from Mom or Dad) goes in the basket! You can also email me at school too! ( Taking care of our tools is everyone's responsibility, and we have a lot of brand new tools to help with all our learning! So, as you can see, we getting ready for Thursday... our first day together! Can't wait to see you all, bright and early! Check the blog often for all kinds of news and information about our learning in second grade! Let the fun BEGIN!!

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