Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wild Weather and TJ's Meeting!

Buenos dias amigos! TJ started our day with a great morning meeting! We sang Sandwiches, greeted friends "twirling-style" and played a rousing game of alibi. Well done TJ! Weather was on everyone's mind this morning, so our handwriting theme had to be: "weather words". Students then wrote some weather stories, some true, some from yesterday, and some from calmer memories of fishing on a beautiful sunny day! Our authors Maya and TJ shared their stories to a captive audience today. After practicing our spelling words (look, say, cover, write, check style) we went right to our poetry packets and became word detectives! Our detective-objective... find words that follow our rule: long vowel sounds! Charlie finished word study in style by reading one of Robert Frost's poems out loud, while we counted all the words with long vowel sounds! Well done Charlie! Friends also took some time to practice reading our poems as a way to prepare for our Gallery Opening tomorrow afternoon. We listened to "helpful, thoughtful" advice from listeners and built our confidence as readers! Well done second grade, I think we might just be ready for our very first gallery opening at the Sunderland Public Library! Remember, we begin at 1:00 so be on time and be ready for some surprises, as these young poets have some very special pieces to share! This afternoon we worked and stretched our learning with patterns and used number lines, number grids, and even number ladders to create and extend patterns with skip counting. Not as easy as it sounds, when the number pattern is add 1, subtract 5, add 1, subtract 5... Students had to really think about how the secret codes to each pattern! Tricky! Well done friends! Get a good night's sleep! Can't wait to hear our poems being read at the library tomorrow! Big day!! (Speaking of library... tomorrow is also our library day so please RETURN ALL SES LIBRARY BOOKS YOU MAY HAVE AT HOME)! Thanks! See you all tomorrow afternoon at the Sunderland Public Library at 1:00!

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