Saturday, June 18, 2011

Button Party Day!! Let the FUN BEGIN!

Spectacular day!! All year 2W students have been earning buttons for a variety of things... acts of kindness, taking chances with your learning, all sorts of responsible, thoughtful caring, helpful behavior... and the BUTTON JAR HAS BEEN FILLED! This can only mean one thing... We've earned a day to celebrate!! Students took ownership of this extravaganza party, and chose water balloons, silly string, ice cream sundaes, and smoothies to make the day unforgettable. But, it wouldn't be a Button Party without a button treasure hunt! We began the day with a wonderful morning meeting, and opened with "friendship writing"... students randomly chose names of friends to write about, and you could feel the love! Hearing your peers acknowledge your talents, ideas, and commending your contribution to 2W is a pretty powerful thing! Well done second graders! When it came to snack, Adan brought one humongous, sweet, delicious watermelon! Perfect with our fruit smoothies! Wow! Then the treasure hunt was next! Clues revealed secrets where each button was hiding and we were off! The clues were designed for thoughtful reflection over our wonderful year in second grade, and lead us to places like our fourth grade buddies (Malawi Project) and our bulb garden! Nice! After creating our own targets we were ready for silly string... ready, aim, FIRE!!!! The plate with the most silly string wins! Our panel of second grade judges decided Lannashia won! And what did she do with her prize? She shared it with the entire class... 14 super groovy pencils, one for each friend! Why am I not surprised! Next it was on to water balloon fun! So, what do you do after your teacher fills about 100 water balloons??? You suit up and get ready for water balloon toss and water balloon bulls-eye! Each team kept score... now that's a lot of math!! Wow! We ended the afternoon with ice cream sundaes... HOLY COW! Toppings included fresh cherries, oreos, gummy bears, chocolate sauce, mini pb cups, sunflower seeds,whipped cream, nutter butter cookies, fruit, and m&ms!!! Oh my, what a treat, and what a supremely awesome day! Best day ever! Celebrating kindness, citizenship, and responsibility... I'll take it!

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