Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strawberry Picking and Fourth Grade Buddies!!

It just keeps getting better and better! Adriana started our sunny Tuesday with an eye opening morning meeting! Well done Adriana! After meeting, students used class time to catch up on all our unfinished business and create word searches. Today's word study theme... words to describe this awesome year in second grade (bulb garden, math warm up, effort, Malawi, buttons, learning and kind, just to name a few). After snack, it was off to the strawberry farm down the street with our fourth grade buddies! What a beautiful day for picking, and what a great way to celebrate the relationships fostered this year with our fourth grade buddies! After picking (and tasting) we had plenty of berries for a well stocked strawberry shortcake party back at school! Everyone gathered together and reminisced over our time together, reflecting on all our good work and all our great accomplishments! We even had time left to play one rousing game of SPARKLE! Fourth graders and second graders all competing together!
What a game!! Rebecca truly represented for second grade, and was the last second grade "sparkler" to go. But, while fourth grade "took" the first sparkle game, Olivia challenged Carsten for bragging rights, and YES, she was indeed the last one left standing! Kudos to both Olivia, Carsten, and every single fourth and second grader for a great celebration, a fabulous game of sparkle, and one absolutely outstanding day together!

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