Monday, May 24, 2010

This Puts New Meaning to: "Bending over Backwards"!!!

Greetings Friends! A hot day in school today (80 degrees, to be exact... according to Autumn who read the thermometer with ease!!). It may have been hot, but we still got down to business in 2W! We finished our measurement unit in math with some "cup, pint, quart" review, but stretched our thinking to... "How many pints in a gallon? How many cups in a gallon?" Way to challenge yourselves! We also started a new work board with many fun literacy based jobs... including a little article on millipedes! Hope you like it...thanks for the inspiration Kai, and Legs!
Today's sharing was....oh, what's the word...AWESOME!!!! First Grace shared some ribbons and pictures of her riding (yup, riding, as in horse back riding) competition! That horse was HUGE, and there was Grace, sitting right on top, calling the shots! Way to go Grace! As if that wasn't enough, Alex was up next, and boy, was it worth the wait! We witnessed the most amazing abbreviated version of her winning (if I do say so myself...) gymnastics performance. This girl puts GUMBY to shame (OK, dating myself, but seriously...). First she bends, then she's on her hands, then she defies gravity, and then WHOOSH!!! Her feet fly and she's on her hands, and back on her feet again. Truly impressive. Two young ladies with some serious skills... just sayin'!!!

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  1. I will miss you all. Hope to bring back some cool Tennessee surprises for y'all! If you want, you can comment on the blog about how things are going in 2W, and I can comment back! Kinda fun, if you want! I'll miss you all friends! Take good care of each other... the way good friends do! See you soon!