Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Special Guests Join Our Readers Theater!

Stone Soup! You know the story! You've heard it a thousand times in a variety of ways....but not like this! Our friend Michael shared this classic story with a group of friends and invited them to perform a Readers Theater with him! What a cast, Amanda was a very convincing old woman, and Jakob the old man... so poor from a poor town, with no food to spare our young traveler, played by Michael, of course! The young boy (Ben) and young girl (Aryanna) proved there may be small parts, but there are NO SMALL PLAYERS!! The Narrator part was well chosen and in the capable hands of Clay, who kept the entire cast on track and sounding great! Readers Theaters are an exciting way to celebrate our reading accomplishments and experience the joy and wonder of a great story! Excellent job second grade! More to come!
Again, friendly reminder, we will say goodbye to our most recent community member, Isaac. Your friendship, generous spirit, and enthusiasm for learning will never be forgotten Isaac! Go show Chicago what you're made of! You will be missed!

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