Friday, May 14, 2010

Math Choice! Games Gallore!!

Thursday and Friday students had a blast playing math games! Tens Go Fish, Closest to 20, Place Value Bingo, and even Smallest/Biggest Number! All games reinforced our learning in number sense and cooperation... fairness and working in groups! Unbelievably, Otto and Gabe each had their most "unlucky" and "luckiest" day ever with cards, and in Gabe's case a "most lucky day indeed". Shocking.... 3 rounds of Closest to 20 and you get 20? Otto demonstrated great sportsmanship, and actually enjoyed the shock at such a ridiculous batch of cards being dealt in one hand of Closest to 20. Way to go Otto! So much fun and math wrapped up in 2 days of choice.... by request, by second graders in honor of our friend Isaac. Knowing it was Isaac's last day we chose to honor him by having math choice and math games! Way to show respect and appreciation for our dear friend on his last day in our class, second graders! Truly impressive!

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