Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Reading!!! BOOYAH!!

Great day friends! Can't EVEN believe it's our last week together! Not sure I'm ready to let the 2W Dudes and Dudettes leave the nest...
We have an AWESOME button party to get ready for on Friday! We'll be making our own personal pizza's for snack, enjoy extra recess, play games, and reflect on our wonderful year together (along with a few surprises thrown in by Ms.!)
Ms. Cranshaw dropped in to invite students to attend our FREE and SUPER COOL Summer Reading Program at the Sunderland Public Library. That lime green note you got today has all the details.... but all the fun, prizes, and supremely great reading materials are TOTALLY FREE! Just sign up and get your name on the list. There's no penalty for signing up late, but if you sign up by the registration deadline, you qualify for all the prizes. Though we all know, the REAL PRIZE is the reading itself! Hope you all take advantage of this free, fun, entertaining way to support your student's reading throughout the summer!! Check it out! Oh, did I mention it was FREE... thought so!!

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