Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sharing...Guitar, Violin, and... You Wore That When????

Catching up on a few wonderful "show and tell" moments from last week! Clay blew our minds with his rendition of Hey Jude! That boy has Beatle's blood in him, for sure! Arayana also stopped traffic with her violin playing! She also talked a bit about her instrument, how to take care of the bow, and some incredible honors from previous performances! Practice sure does make perfect for Clay and Arayana, and we're so grateful they chose to share their talents with us for show and tell. Courtney shared some incredible memories, and photographs (ultrasound style!!!), and actual baby clothes she wore when she was a newborn!! WOW! Was Courtney really that small? Seeing pictures of Courtney when she was still growing inside her mother was also pretty incredible!! These friends know how to throw a GREAT "show and tell party"...that's for sure!

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