Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Day.... sigh...

So, another last day... for the books! 2014 was truly a special year with so many wonderful students! We learned so much this year... In reading we compared fiction and nonfiction, historical fiction and realistic fiction! We learned to write like experts, to teach, lab reports, personal narratives with a great hook and compelling, emotional endings! In math... where do I begin? Place value, expanding numbers, fractions, problem solving, time and money problems, measurement... and especially thinking!!! Holding on to numbers in our heads... and working to solve problems using number patterns! We also learned how to persevere through a problem or situation... how to have the stamina required to solve a problem... how to EARN and feel the satisfaction that comes along with thinking and problem solving!! WOW! Goodbyes didn't come easy today... as we reflected together, many students were happy, though some were feeling ambivalent. Not quite ready to say good bye, and let it all come to an end. Each and every one of these students have worked hard and are prepared for their next chapter... third grade! But have a happy summer first! Make sure to include lots of play, and fun, and even some reading and thinking... puzzles and games... into each day! Well done second graders!! So very proud of you all!!

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