Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All School Author's Celebration!!

Greetings Families and Friends! We sure have been busy in writing workshop with our unit on opinion writing... writing to persuade and using evidence to support our thoughts and feelings... our opinions! WOW! What an important skill to have, and we've been breaking it down, day by day, one writing workshop at a time! Practicing strategies, using linking and transition words, learning important phrases like "for example", and "in my opinion", and even, "as you can see"... Wow! Great job writers! Today, we assembled each of our smaller/classroom community of writers and merged together as a school, under the organization of our very own Sarah Burstein!! First we joined together in the gym for a slide show of our writing community... every class, every grade, one big community!! Next, teams were assembled (across the grade levels) and we went on a writing journey of authors sharing! A parade of teams went from place to place, while second grade writers shared with PK writers and first grade writers!! It was absolutely spectacular! Another outstanding day to reflect on what we've learned as writers, and to see our writing skills on display! Well done second grade.... Well done SES! Writing matters, and we proved it today!!

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