Thursday, January 24, 2013

Time Begins, and Writing and Revising!

Greetings Friends! Another bitter cold, chilly, frigid day today! That didn't stop recess, though! While we missed the great outdoors, there was plenty of puzzles, Uno, and snap cube creations for everyone!! We started with a brand new "presidential inspired" work board after quiet reading this morning! Poems, buddy reading, scholastic news, and classroom library jobs all inspired by Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and even Obama! In math we introduced a new unit telling time by reviewing parts of a clock and time to the hour and half hour. We will continue to stretch and practice what we learned in double digit addition and subtraction, but will also be learning about time and the importance behind knowing how to tell time. More to come! In writing workshop yesterday we worked on rereading, editing and revising! Today we continued our learning by examining some second grade writing written by real live 8 year old writers! We saw how they added detail to both text and illustrations with sensory words, dialogue, and subtle little "extra's" to their pictures! Next, we talked about how writers write about "what they know" and thought about our unique experiences. Living a writers life means taking those experiences and creating a story! Many writers went back to previous stories and added even MORE detail, action, characters and events to make their stories even better (well done Marcus)! Marcus shared his dragon story and showed everyone how your story can take an unexpected twist and send the reader into surprise!! We ended the day with PE with Ms. Gebo. Stay tuned for V.I.P. in 2W... a new way to highlight and learn even more about all our unique wonderful friends in 2W!!

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