Friday, December 18, 2009

Nicely Done Amanda!!

This week's V.I.P. was the lovely Amanda...and her sidekick Bella! After sharing her energetic playful puppy with the class, Amanda eloquently walked us through pictures of her family, trips she's taken, special events, and her special memories!! Thanks Amanda! We learned a lot more about you and your universe of "Supremely-Awesome-Amanda-ness". Have a great weekend second grade! Next week is a three-day (full day) work week for Sunderland Elementary. After that, enjoy your holiday break with all the blessings of friends, family, and winter beauty the valley has to offer!

Fun Friday!!

Second Grade has had a great week! Very busy learning place value in math, as well as in our extra "POWER MATH" block we've added to our schedule in the morning! Connecting our concrete thinking about numbers and value into the abstract world of place value, numbers, "tens" and "ones" has been our challenge this week. We've had fun with unifix cubes to help our thinking. We will continue our work with place value with base 10 blocks after the weekend, and more to follow after the Winter break. Hope you have a warm fun Friday yourself!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Better Than Average Monday...For Sure!!

When it comes to Mondays...we had a good one today! Ben and Kalesiah demonstrated our greeting rather well. As you know, part of our morning ritual includes a greeting to, from, and involving our peers at morning meeting. Today, we "felt the love" as we greeted each other with the "cool dude" greeting. Try it sometime, and feel your inner "coolness" coming out and bringing a smile to your friends! (Just snap, wink, and greet.... nothing could be simpler!)
Later, after a serious morning of weekend journals, "courage writing", and work board....we were treated to a performance of "Wired Monkeys", sponsored by our SES PTO. A wonderful, skillful, and slightly dangerous variety of dance, gymnastics, and "wiggling-about" that we found hugely appealing! Thanks to all who brought this wonderful performance back to our school for another appearance!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday Snow Day!

Hope you all enjoy the snow!! See you Thursday!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's All About Subtraction, Baby!!!

This week, math has been all about subtracting numbers (number sense)!! We've learned important vocabulary, and practiced our math facts with games and story problems (subtraction lotto, and spin and subtract). Try these games at home with your students! Numbers are awesome...numbers are easy! What you see is what you get...they always tell the truth! Play with numbers at home and "lock in" all that number sense we need to be mathematical thinkers!! Remember....when you're're WINNING!!!